Sailboat Performance Calculator

Select a Boat from this list and then click the associated button to initialize the form - Choose Custom if you want to enter your own values or you can modify any of the values from the initial selection. The code from this page is by Jobst Vandrey who has an excellent site on the Flicka, one of the best small boats ever made, surely more blue-water worthy than the Beneteau F235. His site has some excellent articles dealing with small boat ownership and various modifications to the systems. It's well worth a read: The Comfortable Pocket Yacht

Enter the Cruising Displacement in pounds.  Include the weight of the boat, equipment, crew, and beer (500 pounds is added to the manufacturer's listed empty displacement if you use the list above).

Enter the Water Line Length.  Use decimals rather than feet and inches - instead of 16 feet 4 inches, enter 16.33

Enter the sailboat's beam in feet.  Use decimals rather than feet and inches.

Enter the Horsepower of the engine (outboard or inboard).  Decimals are permitted - 3.5 etc.

Enter the Thrust of the electric motor
Pounds of Thrust

Enter the area of your main sail in square feet (you can also enter the area of your entire sail complement here and leave the Jib data blank)
Square Feet

Enter the area of your normal jib sail in square feet
Square Feet

Displacement  to Length Value (D/L)

Lower numbers are found on racing boats: Light Racing Multihull (40 - 50), Ultralight Ocean Racing monohull (60 - 100), Light Cruising Auxiliary (200 - 250), Average Cruising Auxiliary (250 - 300), Heavy Cruising Auxiliary (350 - 400)

Sail Area to Displacement Ratio (SA/D)

Higher numbers are found on racing boats: Motorsailer (13 - 14), Offshore Cruiser (15-16), Coastal Cruiser (16 - 17), Racing Boats (17 - 19), Ultralight Racers and Daysailers (over 20).

Capsize Screen Ratio

Ratios below two are suggested for offshore cruising.   This number is perhaps the most controversial ratio presented here.  It's purpose is as a guide since there are many factors in offshore sailboat design and this ratio is only one consideration.

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