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First 235 plumbing need help?

I sent the below note with these shots to Ward Richardson at Beneteau and actually heard back within the same day with good news and a surprise price.

Ward -

Please see the pictures at right of the outboard plumbing. This is the valve and plumbing connected to the thru-hull behind the head on the First 235.

(Each of these shots click to full-size versions at 1200 pixels. Almost TOO much detail....)

As you can see, the main valve appears stripped. The boat is currently out of water on a trailer. In looking at West Marine counterparts, most applications suggest this is actually a "ball valve" and not a proper seacock. They don't recommend using ball valves directly connected to the thru-hulls.

Is this a "seacock" or "ball valve"? I have been thinking if it's more wise to convert this to parts I can readily obtain here in the US. Is there something you know of that replaces this part?

I am almost frightened to ask how much the Beneteau part is for this application, this based on other far less complex parts.

Any advice here is appreciated. Please include the actual cost and availability of the Beneteau part as well. I didn't want to start with a whole new thru-hull here but perhaps that is necessary.

Thanks for your help, Ward.

To which Ward replies:

"Why Worry?

Just replace with Part #026070 for $17.32."


Now the question is whether I can GET said part in time for this beast to hit the water....Of course, it's still a ball valve and not an official "seacock" but it seems to have done its job so far ... besides freezing up.

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