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  US Spars (Z Spars in USA)
US SPARS Z190 & Z160 (Z Spars)

Beneteau is no longer handling any replacement parts for the US Spars Delta Z190 mast and Z160 Boom.  All parts can be obtained directly from US Spars, however. 

US Spars, located in Gainsville, FL, is very good to deal with and can usually supply most parts relatively quickly. 

One can actually order or get part information directly through their website via using the part  info/form order request at right.  This will simply bring up the part in question with a picture, description, and pricing.  You will then have the option to purchase the part via US Spars secure shopping page if interested.  Just enter the part# to view!

See expanded view - US Spars Z190 Spreader Refit Kit
US Spars Z190 System 125 Spreader Kit
~  Click above for large view  ~

A smart $145 upgrade to most F235 Masts. See
pics via the Mast/Spreader Thread via the F235 Forums

If there is one Z190 upgrade that seems warranted, it has to be the System 125 Spreader Refit kit (see pic above).  There have been a few reported mast problems caused by broken spreader base castings or crumpling of the mast at the base (see cracked '87 base below right).  Some of the later masts have the earlier comression post kit that was a through-bolt affair.  It seems US Spars now has a newer kit version, described below.  Unfortunately, a majority of the Z190 masts have bases that were under-engineered and prone to failure in the wrong conditions.

F235 owner, Kevin Meechan, ordered the latest kit and reports, "The oversize mast section sleeve fits over the main mast section, and the wrap-around base-plate over that – attached with medium length 3/16" SS rivets. The only liability appears to be a bit more weight aloft.   It's defnitely a stronger system."   

I'm not sure when the first refit was introduced as standard with the Z190 but I know that 1989 boats did not have the upgrade. The forum thread listed below the kit picture above has some pics and info.  I know of at least one or two masts lost to the cracked spreader problem.  Since there were a rash of storms over the last few years, US Spars has been behind on mast replacement so a few have had to wait several months for a replacement. 

If you want more info on the refit, call the factory to talk with George or Julian, each having helped other F235 owners in the past, whether it be replacing individual parts or ordering an entire new mast. 

On another note, many owners with 87 masts are doing upgrades of the early mast base since it has a propensity to twist if not careful while stepping the mast.  The pivot point is much more narrow and the base offers far less of a holding point.  The 87 Mast Base also carries the sheaves within.  The later mast bases offer far more support with a better mast to foot attachment point.  See the comparison in the shots below right.  Click shot for full view.

The conversion does involve a drop in your mast height as the later base is shorter.  There was a good discussion of this in the forums where members discussed their choices:

It's still not clear to me if a purchase of all new SecoSouth rigging would keep one from having to add a spacer plate.  One will definitely have to cut out new halyard exit points in the mast since the original 87 base had the sheaves.  The next question must be is the actual mast length between any different.  IF not, I would go with a call to SecoSouth for their $325 set of complete rigging.

US Spars Inc.  Ask for Julian Crisp
6320 NW 123rd Place
Gainesville, FL 32653
PH: 386-462-3760

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US Spars Z160 Boom Line Drawing
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